Personal Finance Workshop

These are 1 hour small and very focused sessions where we talk about the financial planning pyramid and the basics of living a comfortable financial life. To begin with, we will talk about how to get started to manage your personal finance and financial risks, how to plan your goals and asset allocation. Also we educate our clients on wills, estate and legacy planning.


Annual Reviews

Financial planning is an ongoing process so it is important to reassess your goals and ensure you continue on the appropriate financial path. The first review is approx 100 days post your investments. In this meeting we take your feedback on our online platform which you are using to monitor all your investments. And also create a fresh financial report adding in the new investments done.



Life insurance is the perfect tool to re-assess your financial plan and help achieve goals. It is a financial promise keeper.

Private Equity

The fundamental reason for investing in private equity is to improve the risk and reward characteristics of an investment portfolio.

Corporate bonds / FDs

Corporate Fixed Deposits are FDs offered by corporates. Their functioning is somewhat similar to Bank FDs but they are offered with higher rate of interest.

Mutual Funds,PMS /AIF

A mutual fund is a type of investment vehicle consisting of a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities. It give small or individual investors access to diversified, professionally managed portfolios at a low price.